Desolation Athletic Fitness

Teams + Tactical

Soccer, Football, Track, Club Sports, firefighters, military, police officers

Group class training

Adult Strength, Youth High School

Personal Training

1:1 Training, Full Individualized

Adult Strength Training

We offer high-quality strength training programs that meet the needs of every individual, taking into consideration each client’s specific training experience.

Youth High School Training

We want to create robust athletes who can withstand the high impact forces in sports. Carefully planned and well thought out programming will improve mobility, stability, coordination, strength, speed, and agility.

Personal Training

We take a one-on-one, full individualized approach

1. Soft Tissue Prep

Improve tissue quality with self-myofascial release. We will use foam rolling, trigger point release via a tennis or lacrosse ball and vibration to allow tissue to move properly and send afferent information to the brain and restricted or painful areas to create more muscle awareness.

2. Corrective exercises

Correction exercises to change parameters and allow movements to eventually correct themselves organically. This allows for higher performance in the weight room. Learning movements in an unstressed situation, as well as trying to rearrange movements to create a more thoughtful response, is the best anyone can do to become better engines.

3. Movement Preparation

The term warm up is bland, boring and lacks purpose. Instead we aim to prepare ourselves for our specific tasks! A culmination of a dynamic stretch, stability activation, and integration of movement skills needed for that specific training day.

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