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From fitness enthusiasts to high-school athletes to beginners on their fitness journey, Desolation Athletic Fitness is the perfect place for you to get strong with the help of a seasoned coach.



From fitness enthusiasts to high-school athletes to beginners on their fitness journey, Desolation Athletic Fitness is the perfect place for you to get strong with the help of a seasoned coach.


What’s happening @desolation.gym

We are all athletes!! At DAF, we train to stay strong so we can continue to do the things we love for years to come. Tahoe is easily one of the absolute best place to live 🌲 In this video, you’ll see some of our DAFletes taking full advantage of the mountains all year long 🤙🏼
It doesn’t matter what time you get to class; all that matters is that you made it! We love our morning crew and are so proud of their dedication 🤩
Saturdays are for the glutes!! Our DAF members can attest that we have the most fun on Saturday mornings while working our butts off 🍑 @shutup.whit is the absolute best! Come try out a class, everyone is welcome 🫶🏼
@coach_e_amsden’s favorite 3 exercises complexes: KB swing & Goblet Front Squat, Front Squat & OH Press, RDL & Bent Over Rows.

What are exercises complexes? 

They are a series of compound movements performed consecutively without rest and the two movements should target different muscle groups. Complexes are time efficient and challenge coordination. Give these complexes a try during your next workout!
Thank you all for such a FUN year @desolation.gym. We love our little slice of strength in south lake tahoe 💪🏼 We will continue to get stronger, while laughing along the way! A big shoutout to @shutup.whit & @resilient_training_rrr79 for being apart of DAF and believing in our purpose; strength training for all. See you next year 🫶🏼

Group Class Training

Adults, youth, and high school athletes looking to get stronger and faster

Personal Training

1:1 training that is fully individualized and designed with purpose.

Coach Elliott Amsden

Bringing elite level coaching and training for everyone.

“Coach E” played football throughout high school and in college at Chapman University. During his career, he was exposed to the concept of elite strength and conditioning and performance training. Since then, he has coached NFL, MLB, and Olympic athletes at one of the top strength and conditioning facilities in the country, @team_exos. He has a passion for coaching young athletes to give them the experience he wished he had when he was younger and playing sports.

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I learned so much training with Coach E, about my body and how it moves. The knowledge I learned from Coach E, I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Dylan LaubeCollege Football Player
football player

Coach Elliott was a huge help to my recovery from a hamstring injury. After consistent training I was able to become a better athlete than I was before my injury!

Lance TiagoFootball Player

Training with Coach Elliott was what helped me succeed during an important time in my fencing career. His experience and vast knowledge in athletic training kept me injury free, agile, and stronger on the strip. His training is the way to go!

Isaiah KimFencing athlete

After my knee dislocation and an almost complete knee reconstruction surgery Coach Amsden took me from barely walking down stairs to running 25 yard sprints. The foundation he set allowed me to complete the John Muir Trail and return to full duty as a United States Air Force Pararescueman. He’s definitively the best athletic trainer I’ve ever worked with."

Ted SierocinskiUnited States Air Force Pararescueman

Elliott really helped me with my understanding of football, explosion, and his speed training was world class. I was happy to be under his wing!

Logan WilsonFootball Player

Elliott helped me better my strength and conditioning so that I could play at the D1 level. He was someone that I admired and really helped me grow a love for lifting.

BellaSoccer player

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