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Elliott Amsden

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As a born and raised Tahoe native, my childhood was spent skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, playing beach volleyball, and playing hockey for the Tahoe Grizzlies. In high school, I found a love for football, and in college, I was exposed to the concept of elite strength and conditioning and performance training. I played football at the junior college level at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz and finished my college football career at Chapman University. 

I thought I was working my dream job, but I was missing the mountains. So I dropped the job and came back home. Now it’s time for me to live my dream and bring my coaching and training experience back to the community that made me. 

"I am looking forward to offering high-quality performance coaching to the athletes and adults of South Lake Tahoe. Stay tuned to hear about the various summer offerings we will have for youth, high school, college and professional athletes. I am excited to bring elite-level strength and conditioning to the general population of Lake Tahoe."


Performance Coach
Desolation Athletic Fitness
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
National Strength and Conditioning Association
EXOS Performance Specialist
San Diego, CA
Masters of Science in Coaching, Exercise Science
Bachelors in Communication Studies
, Concordia University, Irvine CA

Adult Strength Training

We offer high-quality strength training programs that meet the needs of every individual, taking into consideration each client’s specific training experience.

Youth High School Training

We want to create robust athletes who can withstand the high impact forces in sports. Carefully planned and well thought out programming will improve mobility, stability, coordination, strength, speed, and agility.

Personal Training

Taking the personal training approach

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