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How do you become a member and start taking classes ?

We use a scheduling app, Glofox, that is very user friendly and convenient. Download yours here at iTunes or Google Play.

Can I register in person?

Sure! If you have questions the online platform, please come in during business hours and we can help you.

How does a membership work – Can I come to the gym whenever I want ?

We are a class-based gym. During the time that we don’t have classes on the schedule, our gym is closed.

I was injured but am feeling ready to get back into working out, will Coach E help assist me in coming back stronger from my injury ?

This is not a black and white situation and we recommend consulting with Coach E prior to signing up for a membership. If you are still healing from a serious injury, we recommend physical therapy with our friends down at PT Revolution.

I am visiting Lake Tahoe – Do you have any packages for me that are short term?

Yes, we offer 5 + 10 class packages that are available through the membership page. We understand wanting to feel great during vacation and the importance of keeping a routine so we are here to help you meet your needs. Contact us if you have any questions.

What can I expect in a training class?

The class will always begin with movement preparation followed by strength blocks that are adaptable to each individual’s needs, energy system development and a cool down. Coach E will be the head coach and will be coaching all classes that DAF has to offer. We strive to understand the importance of each individual’s goals while working together in a team-like environment.

Do you have parking?

Yes, we offer parking in front of the gym in our Ski Run shopping center. There is also parking behind the building and parking across the street in the covered parking garage – located behind Spectrum/Five Guys.

Do Coach E and Coach Whitney offer private training sessions?

Yes, please inquire about private training sessions through our contact form or call (530) 721-0426.  We also offer appointment slots that you can sign up for on our Glofox app. Download Glofox for iTunes or Google Play.

Is DAF like a CrossFit gym?

We are not associated with CrossFit.